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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretending to be President

Jim Geraghty writes:

It's also worth recalling that [George W. Bush] was demonized endlessly, for A) continuing to listen to a teacher read My Pet Goat after being informed of the 9/11 attacks, refraining from causing a panic among children before him; B) holding a guitar, somehow showing he ignored Hurricane Katrina C) saying "now watch this drive," supposedly showing he was lazily golfing while the War on Terror raged. In other words, our friends on the left already established the standard that a president dare not be seen doing anything less than fully appropriate focus while a crisis is occurring, anywhere in the world.

In the past week, as the budget negotiations, the deteriorating situation in Libya and the Japan crisis have been big issues one, two, and three, the president has found time for not just bracket picks and a DNC fundraiser but the bullying summit, a ceremony with the Chicago Blackhawks, a round of golf, the Gridiron dinner, a meeting with "student finalists of the Intel Science Talent Search 2011 competition", a speech at a school in Arlington, a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Lars L√łkke Rasmussen of Denmark in the Oval Office, discussing "the close ties between the United States and Denmark," and a weekly presidential address focusing on "Women's History Month." Wednesday, he's got another fundraiser.

It's almost as if he's looking for things to do other than deal with these big pressing issues.

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