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Monday, February 13, 2012

Adventures in India, Part 16 -- Lunch at the Palace

The next morning there was an optional tour to see the Jaigarh Fort, built in the eighteenth century to protect the larger Amber fort complex, but we stayed at the hotel and explored its extensive grounds.

Decorations in the hotel lobby.

Exotic plants...,

My tree! No! My tree! NO! MY tree! NO! MY TREE. Two squirrels in a dominance dance.


Chess anyone?

After lunch we rode through the streets of Jaipur and witnessed a demonstration. It wasn't clear what they were protesting, but a lot of people were clearly upset.

Traffic in the center of the city.

Passing through arches into the Palace Cafe.

Lunch at the Palace Cafe.


We passed these on our way out.

Then it was off to visit the Palace proper.

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