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Friday, June 29, 2012

Through the Heart of Europe -- Part 1, To Basel

This Spring we took a long river journey through the heart of the Dark Continent [Europe]. Our journey began at the Frankfort Airport where we were supposed to catch a Lufthansa flight to Basel, Switzerland.

Unfortunately, when we got to the airport we found that Lufthansa ground crews were threatening a strike and all flights were canceled.

So for ten hours we were stuck at the airport waiting for new flights to be scheduled.

At last we boarded a plane and headed south toward Switzerland. In the distance we could see the Bavarian alps. We arrived in Basel in the evening and were transported to the Rhine river where our boat was waiting for us. The sky above held an interesting conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. We hoped it was a good omen.

The sun-deck where I hoped to spend a lot of time as we floated through the heart of Europe.

We went to our cabin and unpacked, explored the boat for a while, then went to sleep. We arose early in the morning and went to the dining room for breakfast where we were greeted by these local residents. I had forgotten just how many swans lived along the Rhine.

Early morning along the Rhine.

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