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Friday, August 24, 2012

Through the Heart of Europe -- Part 12, Willemstad

Heading south from the Kinderdijk our next stop was Willemstad, a sixteenth-century fortified town named for William of Orange, the leader of the Dutch revolt against Spain. The town has been preserved much as it was centuries ago, but its most striking features [the fortifications themselves] are best seen from the air. Unfortunately, we were on foot so we could not see them in their full glory.

There was a small carnival in town when we arrived, but since it was early morning when we passed through there were few customers to be seen. 

Willemstad is a small town, only about 2,000 residents, and will not be growing in the future because the government has banned development in the area, which is preserved as a living museum.

The oldest reformed church still standing in the Netherlands.

Approaching the town center.

A canal [really a large moat] runs around the periphery of the fortifications.

The windmill that regulates the water level in the canal.

Commerce on the river and a modern windmill.

Resuming our southern journey into Belgium we eventually approached Antwerp. This is the view from our mooring site on the River Schelde.

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