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Monday, October 29, 2012

Through the Heart of Europe: Part 16, Veere

Our next stop was at the lovely little town of Veere. Five centuries ago it was a major port dominating the wool trade between Scotland and Holland, but today it is a quiet community of only 1,500 people.

This charming girl welcomed us as we entered the town.

The main street lined with traditional houses.

Many of the houses boasted enclosed gardens.

The school playground.

Lots of little tourist shops.


The church spire.

A shopgirl.

A reminder of the old days when ships from Veere sailed the globe

The town hall.

A sixteenth century merchants house.

Remnant of the old defenses.

Roofs and flowers.

A quiet street near the dyke.

Shhhh. Don't wake the sheep.

As we sailed away the skies were filled with migrating waterfowl.

On our way to Rotterdam, our next stop.

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