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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Falwell and The Party of Hate

James Taranto, over at the WSJ, notes the vicious and despicable manner in which many on the Left have greeted news of Rev. Jerry Falwell's passing. He writes:

[T]he hatred Falwell inspires on the left is quite something to behold. Here's a sampling (quoting verbatim except the redacted vulgarity):
  • "tzs," on Marcotte's blog: "If Mr. Falwell had not used his life to spew hatred at anyone who did not fit his narrow-minded, bigoted idea of who was a True God-fearing American™, one might feel more willing to refrain from stating what an absolutely putrid little excrescence of vomit he was. But I'm being polite, so I won't say that. R.I.P., and after watching Falwell I know know why the Romans threw the Christians to the lions."

  • "Blue_In_AK on "he was such an unctuous, smug, obnoxious blowhard that it's really difficult not to celebrate his death. I'm trying, but it's .... so .... HARD."

  • "andyesmysoulwillrotinhell," on "First class worm food...the world finally makes sense."

  • "roewert," on "Good ridence. Jerry al Falwell was imbicile who thought that the whole world should think and believe just like him. Too bad there were so many gullible people in this country who fell for his nonsense and sent so much money to him. So does this mean that Pat bin Robertson moves up to the slot of chief idiot? The Christian taliban marches on...."

More high-mindedly, Alan Wolfe begins a dyslogy, "One never wants to speak ill of the dead, but in the case of Jerry Falwell, how can one not?"

Read it here.

Taranto is right when he notes that Falwell's foes portrayed him as a hater, in large part because of the hatred he inspired in them.