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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

VDH on American Exceptionalism

Victor Davis Hanson has a nice piece on Europe's gradual awakening to the fact that they are living a fantasy, that the EU's "moral authority" and impotent military are useless in the face of threats from the Muslim world, and that America is the one indispensable nation. The one great danger faced by Europeans, Taiwanese, Saudis and others is not American imperialism, but American withdrawal from affairs in their region.

A few nuggets:

Regarding progress in human rights and freedoms -- America... is the most radical, revolutionary, and destabilizing nation of all—and thereby disliked for precisely the opposite reasons that the Left proclaims.

On the moral posturing of the Left, he asks "what is the radical Left good for?" and answers --

Mostly psychological cover. It is our version of the Athenian elite demagogue’s dung on his boots or Medieval indulgences or the Bible in the hand of the philandering fundamentalist. Its rhetoric alone allows Edwards to enjoy his mansion, Gore his jet, the Kennedys’ their drink and drugs, Bill Clinton his sex, and Soros his billions—and China its cutthroat acquisitions abroad and its suppression at home. Proclaiming to be a man of the people these days can cover almost anything from living like 18th-century royalty to making the foreign policy of the United States look downright saintly.
And regarding the Friedmanesque flatteners who proclaim the dawning of a new world he writes --
when they pontificate.... that the “nation state is through”, one wonders which nation state protects their entire system of global security, freedom of trade, and the rights of ships and planes to navigate without fear of piracy or attack. Or is it the UN? World Court? EU?
Nice piece -- read it here.