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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a Game!!!!!

What a game!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!!!

The two best defenses in the league went at each other at Ravens Stadium and the result was just what you would expect -- a great defensive struggle. Going into the last minute of the game the Ravens were leading 9 to 6, when the Steelers finally scored the game's only touchdown to take the lead 13 to 9. And that, my friends, is just how the game ended. There couldn't have been a more satisfactory conclusion to a magnificent game.

Before the game, partying on the club level. Actually, for a lot of people it was partying during the game, especially in the second half when the temperature dropped.

There were lots of Steeler fans in town, and of course they brought their "terrible towels" with them. The natives let us know what they thought of Myron Cope's little motivator.

And overhead the sky was strange. I think this is what novelists would describe as a "lowering" sky.

That's all right. What matters is what happened on the field of play and that was nothing short of magnificent. Here's the winning play. The stadium only allows you to bring small cameras in so I was stuck with a slow response shutter and couldn't take shots in a rapid sequence. Trust me, Big Ben is going to complete this pass for a touchdown.

And finally an extremely satisfying walk home surrounded by ecstatic Pittsburghers and dejected Ravens fans.

Aaaaaaah! It just doesn't get any better than this.