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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hitch Hates Haig

Wow! Christopher Hitchens unloads on Alexander Haig here and it's not pretty, but then there was nothing pretty about Al Haig career in the national spotlight. Here's Hitch's description of Haig's behavior after Ronald Reagan was shot:

[N]othing could equal that day's performance, which evinced all the sweaty, pasty-faced, trembling symptoms of a weak king or of a slobbering dauphin who could not wait to try on the crown. For a few hours at least, the United States of America appeared to be—and actually was—a pathetic banana republic. Indeed, the bulk of Haig's awful political career was an example of banana-republic principles and the related phenomenon of an overambitious man in uniform who mastered the essential art of licking the derrières of those above him while simultaneously (see above) bullying and menacing those below.
They say we shouldn't speak ill of the dead, and generally I would agree, but here I am in complete agreement with Hitchens -- Alexander Haig deserves every bit of the sputum and bile launched in his direction.

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