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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pro-Business Films

HT Instapundit -- the folks over at the Conglomerate are looking for pro-business movies. The suggested list is pitifully short.

My favorite is still "Other People's Money". You gotta love Danny DeVito as "Larry the Liquidator".

Theories on why Hollywood hates big business:

  1. "Artists hate "beancounters" who tell them "No, you can't have another twenty million to play with."
  2. The major studios came into existence as alternatives to the Edison trust. They are being true to their subversive roots.
  3. Major studios have been taken over, often in hostile circumstances, by big conglomerates and resent it.
  4. Hollywood films really came into their own in the sound era -- which also is the time when East Coast "money men" took control of the studios, wresting control from the founders. All those storied studio bosses were under the thumb of the bankers who financed their little businesses. Resentment again.
  5. During the thirties Stalinist popular-front propagandists targeted Hollywood. They established an anti-capitalist bias that still persists.
  6. Any other ideas?

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Paul said...

Former Soviet Agents came out and said the USSR infiltrated Hollywood to push communist propaganda. Google Yuri Bezmenov.