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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mugabe's Genocide

From the Australian:

SUFFER the little children is a phrase never far from your mind in today's Zimbabwe. The horde of painfully thin street kids milling around you at traffic lights is almost the least of it: in a population now down to 11million or less, there are an estimated 1.3 million orphans.

Go to one of the overflowing cemeteries in Bulawayo or Beit Bridge, and you are struck by the long lines of tiny graves for babies and toddlers.

Hyena attacks on humans, previously unheard of, are increasingly common.

"So many babies, not all of them dead, are being dumped in the bush that hyenas have developed a taste for human flesh," a game ranger said.

A staggering 42,000 women died in childbirth last year, compared with fewer than 1000 a decade ago.

A vast human cull is under way in Zimbabwe, and the majority of deaths are a direct result of government policies.

Ignored by the UN, it is a genocide perhaps 10 times greater than Darfur's and more than twice as large as Rwanda's.

Read the whole thing here. [emphasis mine]

Read the accompanying editorial here.

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