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Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter in Waziristan

Tom Ricks reprints portions of a letter purportedly sent by an al Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan. Apparently these are not happy times for the jihadis.

The writer starts by denouncing those Muslims who are not actively supporting the jihad.

"I write to you with the tears of those who lost their children and from the blood of the weak, as I am one of them. It is bad enough that you all are sitting around, avoiding the jihad [struggle], enjoying your food, while your brothers here have nothing to eat". He added: "I am not writing about the killing of the old and young, displacement of people, or rape, but rather about the poor conditions the mujahidin are facing during this harsh winter".

He then details the "poor conditions
"We are in a very cold area where electricity is on for 3-4 hours a day, 2-3 days a week, and the houses we are in are big and open on all sides. We use wood for burning and heating but wood prices increased by 100 percent when the winter arrived. We usually eat bread and drink tea in the mornings, have rice later with or without meat or garlic. When we get cold at night, two blankets per person are needed to stay warm but we all have one each."

Poor baby. Our hearts go out to you.... You really got us with that information about the locals price gouging you on wood. Anyone who owns a SUV knows just what you are talking about.

He goes on to predict ultimate victory and says that the US is about to fold. Maybe so, if the Dems have their way, but somehow I doubt it.

Read it here.

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