Day By Day

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Neo-Neocon has memories of a kinder, gentler time. She writes:

My memory of Nixon is that he was hated every bit as much as George Bush is now, perhaps even a bit more. Nixon-hatred predated Watergate, as well, just as Bush-hatred predated the war in Iraq. The latter two events merely gave the hatred a greater focus, but the original hatred had to do with a combination of personality and policy, with the former leading the way (remember, that’s “hatred” as distinguished from mere “strong disagreement”).

Read the whole thing here.

She's right -- Nixon hatred was at least as virulent as the opprobrium directed against Dubya, and it is interesting to note just how closely the Left's attacks on the current president mirror those directed against "Tricky Dick." It's almost as if they are reading from the same playbook -- oh yeah, they are.