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Friday, June 01, 2007

More Katrina Follies

Every time I start to despair about the state of affairs in Maryland or Pennsylvania I remind myself -- it could be worse, it could be Louisiana. There the stream of corruption flows deeper and stronger than even the Mississippi.

My LA correspondent sends me this:

Louisiana wants thousands of state and local government workers to send back $10 million in unemployment pay they received while still collecting regular pay after Hurricane Katrina.

A state audit found lax control by the state Department of Labor was the main reason the 5,439 ineligible workers were able to collect up to $258 a week, Legislative Auditor Steve Theriot said.

Administrative workers with the City of New Orleans received the most money with 2,233 wrongfully collecting $4.3 million. There were 1,638 state workers, many with the state Department of Health and Hospitals, who got $2.7 million.

Read the whole thing here.

The thing is -- none of this was reported in the local papers, the story comes from the Las Vegas Sun.