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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Bush Diplomatic Triumph

Don Surber chimes in on a point I have been making for some time. He writes:

The Democratic Party talking point is that Bush turned the “world” against us. The Democratic Party world now consists of Venezuela, Iran, Uzbekistan and Cuba, Cuba, Cuba.

In the real world, nation after nation is electing the pro-American candidates. And they are visiting the United States.

On Wednesday, it was tuxes with Sarkozy.

On Friday, it was Merkel at the ranch.

Yes, indeedy. "Old Europe" is flocking to visit Dubya -- looks like he is not the pariah the Democrats portray him as being.

Read it here.


Another pro-American European leader emerges. November 13, 2007:

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a staunch supporter of President Bush and the War on Terror led his party to a big win in Denmark today.

The picture shows Rasmussen cycling with his buddy Dubya.

Read it here.

Bush is certainly not a pariah, in fact he's looking damn popular. The world is starting to appreciate him. Now let's hope the American public starts to catch up.