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Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Film I Won't Bother to See

The Mist

Libertas explains why:

The Mist is a film where 11-minutes in a sweet old lady makes a speech scolding America for spending money on corporate handouts and bombs instead of education; a film where 15-minutes in the first reaction a Christian woman has at the sight of fog is to proclaim, “It’s the end of days!” as opposed to, “Could be a cold front;” a film where three uniformed Army troopers are locked in a grocery store under attack but leave it to the pudgy, nebbish bag boy to be the hero; a film that wants to be about man’s inhumanity to man but which results in yet another example of Hollywood’s contempt for its audience.


The dialogue is awkward and didactic, and coming out of the mouths of decent actors would be difficult enough, but from this b-level cast I was reminded of those Sci-fi Channel Monster-of-the Week movies I come across and watch just to see how long I can stand it. About ninety-minutes in I wrote a note to myself which simply read, “This movie is ridiculous.” And that was before we got to an ending so bad I wasn’t snickering alone.
Read it here.

Ho hum. I can stand a clunky horror film, but these sort of petty insults directed against mainstream American culture annoy me, and when I go to the movies I'm not interested in being mildly annoyed. There's really no reason to waste time and money on this amateurish product.

I'll give this one a pass.