Day By Day

Friday, May 02, 2008

Poor Hillary!

Mark Ambinder has been talking to Clinton advisers, and they are unhappy. They think the press is being unfair:

CLINTON ADVISERS think their candidate is being held to an unreasonable standard. Why should she have to consistently demonstrate her capacity to win in major states? Why does the press persist in setting up new hurdles for her overcome every time she jumps over her old hurdle? The answer is may be that the Democratic nominating process is not democratic and the standards by which one measures it are not the product of some unbiased judge sitting behind a veil of ignorance.
Read it here.

Gee, you'd think she was George Bush or something.

For the first time in recent history a Democratic candidate has been held to the same flexible standards as are routinely applied to Republicans. It doesn't matter how well she does, they move the goalposts and brand her a failure.

At least after this election cycle it will no longer be possible for anyone to credibly assert that the press is objective.