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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Wonderful Night on TCM

TCM has done it again. Tonight's lineup:

First the dancing:

"Royal Wedding" with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell [if only it were Eleanor Powell!]


"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with Jane and a young Howard Keel.


"West Side Story" with Lana Wood's sister and Amber Tamblyn's dad.

Then it's James Dean to carry us through the rest of the night:

"Rebel Without A Cause" a surprisingly conservative film once you look at it carefully. A great, great performance by Jim "Mr. Magoo" Backus.

followed by

"Giant" James with Liz and Rock

That will take us through to 4:30 am and by that time we should all be in bed.

Ted Turner is a loon, but at least he has given us this wonderful national treasure. Thanks Ted!

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