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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Good President [continued]

Stanley Fish says, "I told you so"!
What I told you back on Sept. 28, 2008, was that within a year of the day he left office George W. Bush would come to be regarded with affection and a little nostalgia. The responses... to that prediction were overwhelmingly negative....

Well it’s a bit more than a year now and signs of Bush’s rehabilitation are beginning to pop up.


And the judgment of history? Well, I’m not that foolish, but I will venture to say that it will be more nuanced than anything the professional Bush-haters... are now able to imagine. He will not go to the top of the list, but neither will he be the figure of fun and derision he seemed destined to be only a year ago.
Read the whole thing here.

I agree. My only difference with Fish on this subject [although he and I disagree profoundly on others] is that I expected it to take a bit longer for people to start missing Dubya. As for the judgment of history, I agree that it will be a lot more nuanced than today's opinion and expect that it will tell us more about the interests of the historians of the future than about Bush himself.

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