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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Iraq Votes

From the BBC:

Iraq's second parliamentary election since the 2003 invasion has been hit by multiple attacks, with at least 24 people being killed.

Two buildings were destroyed in the capital and dozens of mortars were fired across Baghdad and elsewhere.


Despite the violence, turnout appears to be strong in several cities, with healthy queues at polling stations.

Read about it here.

One has to admire the determination of these people to exercise their franchise despite Islamist violence. Their ardor gives the lie to those who would say that the Muslim world is not "ready" for democracy.


CBS News notes two important things about this election. First, the level of violence has dropped dramatically since the last round of nationwide elections. This year's death toll was only 36 people. Second, women participated in this election to a much greater extent than before, as candidates, as election officials, and most importantly as candidates for high office.

Check out the report here.

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