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Friday, August 27, 2010

Baltimore Pictures

We were in Baltimore during "Restaurant Week", so naturally "She Who Must Not Be Named" wanted to eat out every night. She blogged about it here [Yes, "She" has her own blog]. "She" took pictures of the food and decor in the restaurants -- my eye was caught by other things.

A garbage scow reporting for duty. I noted the extremely choppy wake and liked the way it reflected the morning sun.

We rode the new "Circulator Buses" [ride for free from the Inner Harbor to various entertainment and restaurant centers] over to Harbor East. Our destination was the Lebanese Taverna. We are both experienced users of urban transit systems, so we left plenty of time for the trip, but this time we got there quickly and had some time to kill. The bus stopped right outside a decorator's showroom, so we went in to get out of the heat and to look around. I took a few pictures:

"She Who Must Not Be Named" bought a few trinkets and I chatted with the salesgirl. She was originally from Harrisburg and still had family there. Then it was time to go to dinner... but to read about that you will have to go to SWMNBN's blog here.

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