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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What We Had for Dessert

Early this evening "She Who Must Not Be Named" and I joined a dear friend for dinner. After a bit of discussion we decided on Thai. We hit the streets south of the Inner Harbor walking down Light Street heading for the Thai Arroy near the Cross Street Market, but when we got there they were closed. What to do? What to do? It's not like there weren't other restaurants in the area -- the place is loaded with them -- but we had our appetites set for Thai food. "She" suggested that there was another Thai restaurant -- "ten oh six" -- nearby, but none of us could remember seeing it recently. We soon found it nestled into a small space next to "Regi's" about half a block away. It wasn't "ten oh six" anymore. The ownership was the same, but they had changed the name, the decor, the menu, and some of the personnel. It is now called "Thai Yum".

What a wonderful surprise! They had gone from a mixed Asian-American cuisine to authentic Thai and had changed their focus in an attempt to appeal to young, urban foodies. It seems to be working. We got there early and were the first customers, but as the evening progressed the place filled up, mostly with young women out for dinner with their friends. Not bad for a Monday crowd. I won't blog the meal -- "She" has already done that over on her own site -- but I do want to call attention to the dessert. It's something like baked alaska -- an ice cream core ["Thai tea" ice cream] surrounded by baked merangue. Mmmm, yum.

If you are in the Baltimore area and feel like eating Thai food, check out Thai Yum on South Light Street, about a block north of the Cross Street Market. You'll be glad you did.

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