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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Teachable Moment? Race Violence at the Iowa State Fair

So 30 to 40 black youths roamed the Iowa State fairgrounds openly proclaiming it to be "beat whitey night", and randomly assaulting fair-goers including attacks on two police officers. Some of the victims were seriously injured. So what is the official reaction?
There are indications that some of the fights - which appear to involve mostly teenagers and young adults - were racially motivated, police said.

We don't know if this was juveniles fighting or a group of kids singling out white citizens leaving the fairgrounds," Sgt. Lori Lavorato said. "It's all under investigation, but it's very possible it has racial overtones."
Yeah, right! They don't know, and just can't say, but they will investigate. And then there's this:
State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, who has worked to fight gang-related violence, said he doesn't have enough information to decide if the fights were racially motivated. He said police comments that race was involved could miss other factors, such as nonracial taunting.


He added, "We of course need to work on race relations. If anyone says we don't, they are playing games with themselves."

State Fair spokeswoman Lori Chappell said she had few details about the incidents.
And what would you expect from our PC official culture that is, in Dennis Miller's words, "a mincing behemoth".

And here's the kicker -- the assailants were young women in their teens and twenties. What was it Kipling said? Oh yeah! "The female of the species is deadlier than the male", and don't ever forget it. 

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