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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Good President [continued] -- Bush's Reputation

Victor Davis Hanson has a nice piece out on changing perceptions of the second Bush presidency [here]. He concludes that over time and especially in comparison with Obama, the nation is gaining a new appreciation of George Bush.

The frenzy of Bush hatred and Obama worship that crested in the summer of 2008 is over. We now better remember the Bush at Ground Zero with a megaphone and his arm around a fireman than the Texan who pronounced "nuclear" as "nucular." Meanwhile, hope-and-change now seems to offer little hope and less change.
America woke up from its 2008 trance and is concluding that Bush was never as bad, and Obama never as good, as advertised.

Indeed! Bush derangement, and it verged on total insanity at times, was largely a creation of political and media figures who constructed a fantasy. Seen in the harsh light of reality the unrealistic portraits of both Bush and Obama are seen for the fantastic constructs they were.

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