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Friday, September 03, 2010

The Good President [continued] -- Missing Bush

Victor Davis Hanson notes that with today's widespread disapproval of both Congress and the current administration a lot of people are missing President Bush. He speculates on why and finds ten reasons:

1) Obama's miserable record.
2) Obama's adoption of Bush policies.
3) Obama's habit of blaming Bush.
4) Obama's yuppie lifestyle.
5) Michelle!
6) Obama's internationalism.
7) Many of Bush's harshest critics have discredited themselves.
8) Bush's "disasters" and "failures" turned out to be not so bad.
9) Bush was incorruptible and ran an honest ship.
10) Bush was authentic.

I find little to disagree with in VDH's characterizations, but then I always admired Dubya. Read the whole thing here.

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