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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Good President [continued]

Commenting on Obama's continuation of Bush-era national security and foreign policies, Michael Barone writes:

Obama implicitly confessed that the view of the world held with quasi-religious fervor by the Democratic left was delusional all along. Bush didn't lie, we didn't go into Afghanistan and Iraq without allies and against their wishes, we didn't carry out policies of torture, etc. The effort to cast Iraq as another Vietnam and America under Bush as an oppressive rogue power were perhaps emotionally satisfying but unconnected to reality.
 And the reaction of his partisans in the Democratic base, 
They don't like hearing it. They're keeping their ears plugged up and their eyes defiantly shut. Their MyObama Web pages are inactive and their checkbooks are closed. They've tuned out of the campaign and many of them won't even vote. The president they helped elect -- and the world -- have turned out not to be what they thought.
Read the whole thing here.

He's onto something here. The Left Wing attacks on President Bush were more than cynical posturing; they were so fervent and persistently vicious that they had to be based in a deeply held belief system that was, and remains, impenetrable to reality. It is indeed "quasi-religious" in character. It is virtually impossible for such people as this to admit that President Bush may have been wise and prudent in his policies and actions, for to do so would shake to the core their understanding of the world and their role in it.

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