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Monday, October 04, 2010

Spooky Dolls

On our way north from Philly "She Who Must Not Be Named" insisted that we stop at one of her favorite places -- a combination of florist, garden center, and antique store just south of Reading. While she shopped I sought a quiet corner where I could sit down with my beloved kindle and read [right now I'm in the middle of Peter Heather's "The Fall of Rome and the Rise of Europe", an excellent analysis of development, migration and state formation in the first millenium AD]. I found an empty side room and settled in, but soon got a creepy feeling that I was being watched. Looking around I saw these sitting on shelves across the room, staring at me. I wasn't paying much attention to the displays so I can't be absolutely certain that they were there when I first came into the room. I certainly hope they were. My wife thinks they are adorable -- but to me they are just spooky.


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