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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hyrax Pees on Climate Models

It had to happen -- as a result of recent controversy the confirmation bias built into scientific investigations of past climate change has dissolved and at long last evidence contradicting the standard model are being reported. One interesting finding comes from South Africa. It is based on investigation of Hyrax urine deposits and is of interest mostly because it shows just the opposite of what the standard model predicts. The lead investigator states: "If the model can't simulate the past. ... how much trust do we have in its ability to predict the future?"

Well, "none" is the proper answer, and that is just the point. A few years ago the hyrax evidence would not have been reported, or at least not taken seriously because scientists believe fervently in the standard model. That it is being cited now is evidence of a major shift in thinking about climate. 

Read the article here. Then, if you wish, follow the link at the bottom for a discussion of "giant bird poop".

No: this is not from the "Onion" -- we're talking "National Geographic" here.

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