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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Good President (continued) -- Vindication

Christopher Taylor writes in the Washington Examiner:

President Bush was reviled and hated at an almost unbelievable level while in office, with almost no accusation or conspiracy theory untried or unbelieved by the left. Every single action the man took was considered evil and horrible, every single event was an excuse to shower bitterness and spite toward the man and all he did. President Obama's career and political campaign for eight years was largely shaped by how he acted toward President George W. Bush. Now all that has changed.

In one event, on May Day, the entire case against President Bush was demolished by one of his greatest critics: President Obama.
Read the whole thing here.

Of course Taylor is overstating the case, but that is what pundits do. It is true, however, that President Obama's actions with regard to the GWOT have generally confirmed the wisdom of his predecessor's precedents. Moreover, the political Left's case against President Bush has been pretty much demolished and their hypocrisy is prominently on display for all to see. All this is great and good to see, but there is danger here too. If we allow Obama's partisans to redefine the GWOT as a hunt for Bin Laden, we diminish and de-legitimate the far more important elements of our national efforts over the past decade. Operations in Iraq may have revealed important information on al Qaeda and Bin Laden, but that was not their only, or even their most important, purpose. We must not allow the Left to use the assassination of Bin Laden as a means to undermine our accomplishments and efforts elsewhere.

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