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Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Greatest of All Time

Critics overwhelmingly choose Citizen Kane as the greatest picture of all time. Nigel Andrews explains why.
It storms after us down the corridors of history like its own hero. Bloated, grotesque, tremendous; destroying as it goes; influencing and renewing too. Every fresh decade calls it the best film ever made. Every new generation poses and tries to answer the question, "Why?"

Citizen Kane is 70. Three score years and 10 after its New York premiere in May 1941, it is still everywhere. Not just in its own flesh, as reissue, telecast or DVD, but in the monstrous spell it casts on filmmakers. 
Read the whole thing here.

I've seen the film at least a dozen times and each time I find something new to marvel at. It's not my favorite film [I'm not really sure what that would be], but it certainly is the greatest and most interesting I have ever seen!

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