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Monday, May 30, 2011

Return to China -- Part 1, Airport to Airport

The first day of our trip started, as usual, at Dulles Airport. The terminal building once was an impressive, state of the art structure but is now beginning to show its age.

Sun reflecting off pack ice in the Arctic Ocean. Once again we took the polar express -- direct from Washington to Beijing, about a fourteen hour flight.

The famous ceiling at Beijing International Airport -- the second busiest airport in the world [after Atlanta]. Last time we were here it was supposedly the biggest airport in the world (Heathrow, we were told, could be contained within one of its parking lots) but has since been surpassed by Dubai. There seems to be a continuing competition between the Arabs and the Chinese seeing who can build the biggest and best prestige structures. Similar to the competition a century ago between the French and the Americans. Aaaaah. adolescents -- they never learn.

While we were waiting for our group to assemble I took a few pics of other passengers standing around. This one turned out pretty well, I think.

Then it was off in a bus to our hotel, then to dinner and to bed. The real adventure would start in the morning.

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