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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pot - Kettle: More On French Rwandan Atrocities

Reuters reports:

KIGALI (Reuters) - French soldiers raped Rwandan women who had sought refuge in their bases during the African country's 1994 genocide and looked on as others did the same, witnesses told a commission on Wednesday.


Two ethnic Tutsi women -- identified as "Witness Three" and "Witness Two" for security reasons and speaking from a hidden area at the commission -- said they had been raped by French troops after fleeing machete-wielding Hutu militia gangs.

"The French used to come to our refugee tents and take girls including myself to give us beer and cigarettes," said Witness Three. "When we became drunk, they would forcefully start to have sexual intercourse with us, many French soldiers at the same time, one after the other.

"The French, including a colonel, forced me to have oral (and direct) sex with them, at times taking pictures of us."

Witness Two said she had sought shelter at a French base while looking for her missing children. She said a French soldier looked on as she was raped by a Rwandan man.

"A Rwandan man entered my tent and asked me why I was there ... As I explained, a French soldier entered, hit and pushed me down. Then the Rwandan man forcefully slept with me and the French soldier stood on watching.


On Tuesday a man only identified as "Witness Four" told the commission he saw French troops take Tutsi women from bushes where they were cowering in fear of Hutu militiamen. He said the women later told him they were raped by the soldiers.

Witness Four also said French soldiers beat him and accused him of helping Kagame's Tutsi rebels, and he showed the commission scars on his buttocks he said they inflicted.

He also said he survived being thrown into the forest from a French military helicopter flying at low altitude.

France, which sent in forces under a United Nations-authorised operation, said it had no comment on Wednesday....

Read the whole thing here.

You have to understand -- they're French not Americans; they're UN troops, not mad dogs unleashed by the imperialist Bushitler. So don't believe it, and anyway it doesn't matter..., doesn't matter..., doesn't matter.

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