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Friday, December 08, 2006

Zimbabwe Update: Bobby's At It Again!

Mad Bobby Mugabe's campaign to turn Zimbabwe into a racist, Maoist hell continues unabated.

The Telegraph reports:
A British-listed mining company, the first to invest in bankrupt Zimbabwe since the political crisis began, was ordered off its valuable diamond claim yesterday.

While President Robert Mugabe has seized thousands of white-owned farms since 2000 he has, up until now, left mining property alone.

The claim, an extraordinary chunk of ancient tribal land in south eastern Zimbabwe, may be one of the richest diamond fields found in recent years.

And the Zimbabwe government wants it.

Read it here [emphasis mine]

Nice move Bobby. You have a bankrupt country, desperately in need of foreign investment, and when a foreign company does take a chance and invests, you confiscate the profits. Good thinking!

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