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Friday, December 01, 2006

A Quiet Place

As I have noted in several previous posts "She Who Must Not Be Named" and some of her girlfriends are into Yoga and meditation and other such silliness. They claim it has wonderful benefits for both the mind and body. For me a swimming pool serves just as well.

Come evenings, after the health club crowd has cleared out, I often go here to swim. Usually there are no more than a couple of other people around and I can paddle back and forth undisturbed. The exercise is good for my arthritic joints and there is a peaceful, calming quality to the back and forth repetitive motion that frees my mind from distractions. It's the best cure for writer's block I know, and I have frequently found ways to resolve sticky writing points while swimming. The only trouble is, it's hard to take notes underwater so I have to memorize short outlines. That's why I sometimes go home mumbling to myself.

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