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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cracking the Case

Details are beginning to leak out on the British bombings. The Daily Mail has some of them.

Two of the five people arrested in the London and Glasgow bomb plots were doctors. One of them had tried to drive a flaming SUV into the Glasgow airport. These are not the dispossessed of liberal myth -- they are relatively affluent, intelligent, and well-educated people. They are not "home-grown" terrorists. One is an Iraqi, another Jordanian, a third is from Lebanon.

What broke the case was the failure of the two London bombs to ignite. They were to have been triggered by cell phones, which the terrorists called repeatedly, but police were able to get the phones intact and from them traced the addresses of members of the terror cell. Investigations have reportedly turned up a bomb factory in Scotland and more arrests are in the offing.

This is exciting stuff -- the movie almost writes itself. Read the whole thing, including an informative timeline here.


Scotland Yard will not confirm, nor will they deny, any of the items of information in the above cited article. In fact, they refuse to say much of anything.

Read it here.