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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Transhumanist Death Cult

Brendan O'Neill, writing in the Guardian, explains:

[I]t has become positively fashionable to be a member of the anti-God squad and to ridicule the religious.

But to attack religions seriously in decline is to miss the much greater threat of environmentalism, which is rehabilitating old religious pieties with a dangerously dramatic success rate.

Forget fundamentalist Christianity or Islam: environmentalism is by far the most influential death cult in existence today. It is inculcating in the masses the idea that the end of the world is nigh; that we shall we punished for our sins; that penance is our earthly duty; and that anyone who says or thinks otherwise is a "heretic" or a "denier" who should be held up to public ridicule.


These days it isn't traditional religions that frighten the populace senseless with hysterical stories about the end of life as we know it; it is environmentalists. It is the greens who instil in people that debilitating sense of "The End" and of man's smallness in the face of Gaia's/God's judgement. The greens have taken the place of the priests in spreading fear, fatalism and resignation over man's fate.

. . . .

No one listens to the priests or imams when they say mankind is corrupt and shall face the righteous fury of an angry God. But great numbers of people pay attention to the new priests of the environmentalist movement who have updated this nasty morality tale in secular/scientific lingo.

Not surprisingly, then, the greens have rehabilitated penance too. Today's trend for measuring everything we do by how much carbon it produces, and then offsetting the carbon by planting trees or making a donation to some carbon-neutralising charity, comes straight out of the Catholic tradition of condession.


Environmentalists have bastardised science as a gospel truth, which can be used to correct man's sinful behaviour. Science has traditionally remained always open to question, to ongoing falsification. Yet the science on climate change, we are told, is final and you deny its truth at your peril....

Today, the barrier to progress and rationality, to the advancement and betterment of mankind, is erected not by the discredited spokespeople of clapped-out religions, but by the numerous green John the Baptists warning of new era of doom.

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