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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Immigrant's Thank You to America

From a Cuban immigrant, Val Prieto:

Thank you, America. For the opportunity - the privilege - of living in freedom. A freedom your sons and daughters have given their all for.

I promise, America, to support and stand by your ideals. This freedom you've given me affords me many things, but most important, to me, is the freedom to choose to be an American. A choice I make with much pride and humility and one that bestows me the great honor of being among the ranks of those Americans that came before me, stand alongside me and will bless this country long after I am gone.

And I know it isnt said nearly enough as it should be, but I love you, America. You are, truly, the greatest country in the history of the Earth.

Read the whole thing here.

Often it is the immigrants who understand, far better than those who were fortunate enough to be born here, just how miraculous this nation is.