Day By Day

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Of course you already knew that the national reporters for the MSM were a bunch of creepy liberals. Here's confirmation from Michael Hastings who writes about the campaign for Newsweek and has a piece in GQ about his experiences on the trail. If you have a strong stomach, read it [here].

These people in the MSM are nuts..., oughta be put away somewhere, and they are just marginally worse than the campaign operatives they cover. When I was young I actually had some respect for journalists. That has long ago eroded, and now I look at them with horror. What a sad, creepy bunch they are. Did I mention that they are creepy? Oh yeah..., I did. Well it bears repeating. They are creeps.


Michael Malone, a professional journalist, is disgusted too, but he places primary blame on the editors and publishers, not on the creepy reporters, whom he portrays as mindless "torpedoes". Read it here.