Day By Day

Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Memorium

A good friend and a very good man passed away on Friday. He was Peter Moser, a man of many accomplishments, and a great heart.

Peter was my friend and neighbor. In his long and storied career he served as Chairman of the Maryland State Ethics Commission, the Attorney Grievance Commission, and the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility. He was also President of the American Bar Foundation, Life Member of the American Bar Institute and has served on its Board of Directors. He was also President of the Maryland State and Baltimore Bar Associations and Treasurer of the American Bar Association.

Not bad..., not bad at all. His professional accomplishments testify to the high regard in which he was held by his peers as well as their faith in his integrity. He was, as one of his partners said at today's service, a "lawyer's lawyer". Well done, Peter.

But what I remember are the non-professional parts of his life. Sharing dinner with Peter, his wife Liz, and his family. Sitting at Ravens Stadium with him watching his beloved Ravens thoroughly dismantle my hapless Steelers. Peter, always the gentleman, didn't gloat. He simply smiled and as the score got more and more lopsided the smile got wider. Hosting Peter and Liz, at our place in the mountains of the gorgeous commonwealth. Visiting them at their place in Maine where I accompanied Peter down to the dam to fish. I took a camera and was glad I did.

Peter was perhaps happiest with a rod in his hand and a striper on the line. I like to think that now he is standing as he loved to do on the bank of a stream somewhere wonderful waiting patiently for that big one to bite.