Day By Day

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Latest from Louisiana

The Military Dad witnessed an interesting confrontation in Shreveport last night. He and his wife were on their way to the buffet at one of the casinos:
While waiting in line, some women came into the lobby wearing McCain/Palin sweat shirts. They were approached by a group of black patrons who began shouting at them to take their racist propaganda (actually they said 's**t') back where they came from.

Surprise surprise, the GSP arrived and escorted the pubbies INTO the restaurant and turned a blind eye to the rabble. They got in line behind us and I asked them if that was an unusual thing and the older woman told me that last night (Friday) they'd been over in Bossier City at a casino and were assaulted - drinks thrown on them, people pushing them around the aisles and bumping into them when they passed by.... And nothing was done by the security team at the casino... again all Black.

Their cars were keyed and had crap thrown on them from the parking lot and trash cans. So much for security cameras.

It turns out that they are a "committed lesbian" relationship group, PUMAs all, who are trying to stir up some controversy and get some light shed on the obvious lie of Obama "bringing us all together".

No TV crews and the staff at the buffet ignored them until they started chanting "we're here, we're here" kinda like Horton and the Whos...
This campaign with all its twists and turns has turned grievance groups against each other and the resulting chaos is a wonderment to behold.