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Friday, November 14, 2008

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- Cabelas

An old friend of mine, originally from Pennsylvania but for many years now safely ensconced in an elite New England academic setting, came to visit a few days ago. We drove around for a while and stopped in Cabelas over on Rte. 78 at Hamburg. Here is a bit of what we saw once we entered the store.

The place was packed, especially the gun section where ammo crates were stacked six high. The line at the checkout stand was ten deep. Obama isn't in office yet and already he's having an effect on this region.

One of the most interesting things about the place are the taxidermy displays -- they are impressive and just keep getting better each year.

Something to warm the cockles of Sarah "Mooseslayer" Palin's heart.


Steady in the ranks

Some real [fake] mooseslayers

And not to forget -- the aquarium. Thats a Muskie, I believe.

My friend, once a conservative but now far left in his politics, proclaimed the place a quintessential insight into Central Pennsylvania's soul. Soon afterwards he jumped into his Prius and headed back to the comfort of the Ivy League.