Day By Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- Ohiopyle

What to do on a really hot summer day when you can't hit the beach? Head for the river, in this case the Mighty Yough.

My camera was begging to be taken out, so I put it in the car and headed over to Ohiopyle.

Ohiopyle is just a tiny little place, but it's great for hiking or biking along forest trails.

Or for canoeing and kayaking.

Or, most commonly, white water rafting. Here's a group just setting out downstream.

Or you could just find a nice rock and jump.

Or if you prefer, just lay out in the sun.

You can even take the dogs for a nice walk in the water.

Or go wading by yourself in the rapids.

Or engage in some navel gazing.

Or, if you are so inclined you can sip a nice cappuchino, check out an art gallery, and get a massage, all in the same place.

And afterward you can go to church.