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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why So Upset?

Victor Davis Hanson examines the many reasons middle-class voters are in revolt.

Obama's bait-and-switch -- He has turned out to be far more radical than he represented himself to be during the campaign and rather than governing in the interest of all Americans has erected a spoils system that rewards some at the expense of others.

The extraordinary growth of government has resulted in de facto socialism, the creation of enormous client populations, the installation of an arrogant and incompetent technocracy, and an increasingly mean-spirited assault on productive individuals.

The hypocrisy of an elite class that exempts itself from the duties and obligations it places on others as well as a blatant double standard applied time and again to political opponents.

It's a good article and a reasonable attempt to understand the roots of the rage that the Democrats have inspired.

Read it here.