Day By Day

Thursday, October 15, 2009

False Modesty

Toby Harnden, writing in the Telegraph, notes that protestations to the contrary Obama seems to be very pleased with himself for winning the Nobel Prize:

it’s become abundantly clear that Obama isn’t even faintly sheepish about the award. Yeah, there’s all the usual guff about him being humbled, it’s about us not him blah blah blah. But this can’t mask the fact that he’s as pleased as punch about landing the prize. He’s lapping it up and seems to view it – sadly and mistakenly – as a major validation.
I would not be surprised to learn that the White House was pressuring the Nobel Committee to make the award. Of course there's not evidence yet of any such manipulation, but I certainly wouldn't put it past these clowns. As Harnden notes the White House misses no opportunity to remind people that Obama won the award.

Read the whole thing here.