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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good President Speaks

Don Surber has excerpts from President Bush's recent address to a religious conference in Tennessee. Check it out here.


I miss Bush.

So does the Anchoress who notes that people who proudly proclaim their hatred of Bush are quite willing to brand anyone who criticizes Obama a "hater". She wonders why those "enlightened" souls on the Left who hated Bush because of questionable election practices, toleration of torture, rendition and indefinite detentions, "wiretapping", deficit spending, exposing the identity of a CIA agent, basing policy on faulty intelligence, or because of his refusal to sign on to the Kyoto protocol, do not absolutely loathe and despise Presidents Obama and Clinton, because they did or are doing much the same or worse.

Her point, and it is a good one, is that Bush was hated not on matters of substance but on style. She writes:

In reviewing all this, it does seem to me that this passionate “hate” of George W. Bush is based not on substance but on style. Obama swagger is cool; Bush swagger was arrogant. Obama arrogance is “confidence.” Bush confidence was “ignorance.” Obama’s misspeaks and gaffes are ignored, Bush’s were magnified. Obama looks good. Bush looked goofy. All that “hate” seems to be part of an adolescent values system that is willing to overlook a multitude of sins as long as you get to belong to the jock/cheerleader clique, and not the Nerd/AV gang.

Well said. This is something that needs to be said. George W. Bush was a far better president than either his predecessor or, to this point, his successor.

Read it here.