Day By Day

Friday, October 02, 2009

Killing Republicans

So Garrison Keillor wants all Republicans to die? That's what could be reasonably inferred from his proposal, presumably written in jest (but with Keillor you can never be sure) to deny Republicans access to health care [here].

I haven't read or listened to the "Old Scout" in years, but decided to check out his recent columns to see just what is happening with him. The answer is not comforting and more than a little sad. Keillor seems to have lost all touch with reality. He's feeling old and sour and nasty and disappointed that the world didn't turn out the way he wanted -- for which we can all give thanks.

He rails against the culture wars [here] which, he claims, have coarsened the fabric of our political system. Conservatives should just give up, he suggests, admit their racism and other psychoses, and just accept the court-mandated changes that he supports so that Obama's enlightened technocrats can get on with the serious business of governance [here]. He thinks he's a "nice" old man [here], but he's not. He's just a cranky old bigot, and the hatred that seethes from his columns is... well, repulsive.

I'm not sorry to have ignored Keillor for the past several years; my life has been better for his absence. Perhaps, given his incandescent antipathy toward the world in which he has to live, he should consider just checking out.