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Thursday, December 24, 2009

How Sane Is Obama?

Neo-Neocon, a psychologist, notes the president's bizarre recent behavior and wonders:

Reported by Die Welt in its reports from the Copenhagen conference:

According to rumors from the Bella Center, President BO is said to have asked for a conversation with Wen jibao to bring up the matters. But O had to wait. Wen, according to the rumors, almost never left his hotel room and could not be found. Finally the US Delegation succeeded in finding the chinese premier in a conference room. An obviously angry Obama is said to have stormed into the room. “Are you ready yet to talk with me Mr Premier?” he is said to have shouted. “Are you ready now? Mr Premier, are you ready to talk with me?” What a stage entrance for a US President.

However, Wen was not alone in the room, as Obama literally burst in, according to members of the congress. The Chinese (premier) was in the middle of talks with India’s head of state Mammohan Singh and the South African president Jacob Zuma. Suddenly the group found itself forced into a conversation with the US president.

That's right -- Obie barged unannounced into a private meeting to which he had not been invited. Neo wonders, is the stress of the job finally getting to him? Is this merely the "Chicago Way"? Or are these kinds of outbursts part of the personality of the man we elected to lead our country? Whatever, it is wildly inappropriate.

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