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Friday, December 04, 2009

Sarah and the Birthers

The left-wingers are all excited about some comments made by Sarah Palin on the Rusty Humphries show regarding the birther conspiracies [here, here, here]. They seem to think that her statements show her to be either stupid or credulous. Even some Sarah sympathizers are dismayed [here]. But as Neo notes, there is absolutely nothing unreasonable about Sarah's position and Dan Riehl finds it admirable:

She's candid, honest and unafraid. Those are extremely rare qualities in politicians these days. She's really just making a few simple points that are undeniably true.

I side with Riehl -- it is wonderfully refreshing to see a major political figure who speaks common sense and is not afraid to do so.


Oh for God's sake, stop the insanity! Andrew "the obsessive" Sullivan claims that Sarah's statement "puts the Trig question back on the table" [here] Stop it Sully, just stop it! Don't you understand how insane this makes you look? Guess you don't, or you wouldn't be doing it.