Day By Day

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures

Well, what the mainstream media keeps telling us was an apocalyptic storm has come and gone. Up here on the mountain we only got about six inches of snow, but down in the flatlands I understand it was pretty traumatic. So I guess we made a pretty good decision when we headed for the high country to wait it out.

This is for the friends and relatives [all from warmer climes] who are wondering how we weathered the mega-storm.

The snow lay heavy on the holly bushes, and on just about everything else this morning. Still, it's not any worse than what we have received in past seasons.

Clearing the roads and driveways.

Buddy here still thinks he's the king of the hill. Just wait until the neighbor's new puppy is full-grown. Buddy's in for a shock.

Afternoon sun. It's always interesting the day after a snowfall to see what kinds of critters crossed the property while we were sleeping.

Yep, it's me with the camera again. Nothing alarming, and no I don't have any treats for you. Go back to grazing.

Newfallen snow shows up the road to the fire tower across the way.

Late afternoon sun on the valley below.

Who needs a snowplow when you've got an SUV?

That's all for this week. Stay healthy, happy, and warm.