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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Pennsylvania Pictures

We traveled over to New Philadelphia the other day and while there impressed once again with the glories of life here in the gorgeous commonwealth.

Blossoms on the tree.

Blossoms on the ground.

Blossoms on the branches.

Back home the blooms were hardly less spectacular. The pink azaleas were finished, but the reds were out in full force.

There was a problem, though. The red azaleas on the east side of the house were doing well, but on the west side the bushes were bare of blooms. That's a pity, because the bushes on the west side are much larger and normally are much more impressive than the ones shown. I wonder what happened? This has been a screwy year. Flowers are blooming out of order, the forsythia was much more vivid than I remember in other years, and as for the dogwoods..., well, more about that later.

The lilacs are looking good.

But the dogwoods are a puzzle. The large tree on the west side of the house had hardly any blooms on it this year. Only at the very top of the tree could you see flowers. And the small one on the east side -- well, the poor little thing could only manage one flower this year. Last year it was gorgeous.

The strange winter has had a strange effect on our flowers, but inside where there is a controlled environment, my wife's orchids are doing very, very well.

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